Balling, new single by Papa T making headlines


The new single ballingof the upcoming artist off the album opposites has since gotten a golden jubilee status the musician​ however has a long way to go from GJ to millennium or even Continue reading “Balling, new single by Papa T making headlines”


OPPOSITES Track list turns out to be the OPPOSITE of viewers expectations.

After the ultimate release of the long awaited album/music list Opposites perhaps a truck list because that shyt isn’t even an album, or the musician will come out and call it a mix tape. Continue reading “OPPOSITES Track list turns out to be the OPPOSITE of viewers expectations.”


kenzuri fashion house

Meet Uringtho Godwin an all round African urban fashionista better known as Black Jesus and based with the common threat, “fear the beard” after a lengthy chat with the proprietor of  kenzuri, see what he has to say about Kenzurihouse of design and its origin.

I loved art since I was in primary and i have pursued art till my University.  I graduated Continue reading “KENZURI THE ULTIMATE URBAN AFRICAN FASHION HOUSE.”