The New Kid on Block does it again

Just like many artists go into this rap thing for the fun of it, which I must say is a trend. Sp happens to be one of them in his new debut single hallelujah he says he does it for the love

Well I think this is a tactical plan for easy bail out from the music career when the time comes and they can’t pull their shits together they all say they don’t do it for the money because they scared of competition.

However Sp seems to have a talent  he should not seat on and following his facebook posts he says the next song will be even more lit

listen to  hallelujah.

Sounds like Kendrick behind the mic


SLAM 101


Name: Sonia manina

Nickname: sonie

Birthday: 14th April

Zodiac sign: Aries

Best friend  :Sherrie

Hobbies: listening to music n dancing

Inspiration :mum

Status :single

I meant HIV status :lol negative

Memorable moment: gat many idk wat to choose

Biggest turn on : good smell n what u wear

Biggest turnoff: bad smell

Worst pick up line : why u so beautiful

Worst break up line: can’t do this no more

Thick o thin: thick

Slim o fleshy :fleshy

Briefs or boxers:boxers

Shave or wax :shave

Career plans :media communications ie radio

Favorite dish: Rolex

Instagram handle: Sonia manina

smile like its all you got




With the events at Katochi the drama was more fascinating than the poetry that had driven quite a handful of people that made their way to the national theater to witness the old forgotten tell of poetry such roses are red violets are blue, only to be presented to with a lot of work in progress from fraudulently poetic infidels and juniors that need just about more than schooling in what they presumed they were doing. In the skit “who is to blame” that did the curtain raising it was rather captivating enough and made the audience lose a little bit of age and stay younger with the good time laughter.

However the first session that kept every one captivated and attentive was succeeded with the absurd second session which was the gist of the event and yet was missed, the entire audience in the cozy seats turned to their phones and soon what’sapp and other social media platforms took the audience into confinement the formally dark auditorium was then filled with glitters of light from the many gadgets formally known as smart phones, and those without them were carried away in the hands of amorphous because of the heard and yet boring silence that was soothingly slinky enough to rock these baby heads to slumber . I don’t want to think that the poetry was boring I actually want to say they were not ready for what they were going into.

More so in this skit I learned that may be women do not need any more women emancipation with reasons being that one of these Belinda girls in the skit suggested that the only way her message was going to be delivered was through nudity or vulgarizing just so she can captivate her audience if we have the young generation looking forward to undressing as a way of communicating then this is not something anyone should be in support of. Women have been spoon fade quiet a lot and they have not learned to fight or archive through sweat and nudity and vulgarizing seems to be what is about or even yet to bail them out.

Lastly I do appreciate the poets that expressed their love for poetry on that podium that day that was very good you however you got a lot of polishing to do. A wise man once said, someone that walks you through the dark is your enemy someone that tells you how to walk through the dark is your friend.


The ball was rolling the clock was ticking, the birds were flying in and the Gs were rolling in it was exactly 12; 00pm when masses flooded the venue at Kampala parents pitch area. The long awaited picnic party was finally happening as some people were seen coming in with mats and lesus so as to embrace the occasion, despite the fact that the event was faced with various setbacks, it was however a success for the parties on the organization committee and the flocks that flooded the  green grass for the picnic. Lots of performances from Face of black, Dehaan, dancers and the rock band etc, activities like rap battles dance battles and photo both did not miss out on the agenda.

However having talked to one of the 256 speakers a lot was expected from them and one of the things expected was an issue of the 256 teen magazine. besides that there are claims that 256 has released a number of issues in the past which I think have not reached the market yet, that I presume but due to the set backs, the “256 teen magazine” wasn’t launched officially on the 13th may 2017, I think we await another event where that will happen.

The main question of the day remains that what happens after fiesta will 256 teen magazine go back into hibernation, will it flee the scene after having an average event that did not see the success they expected. Well all I can say   if it ever wanted a spring board for success, in the shadows wouldn’t be were the magazine should be but it should pick a trail of consistency may be then we shall have put a stop to the boring buzz magazine we have seen for centuries and those nasty crowded events filled with bandits and kifessi operatives.

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SLAM 101


We are the plug 🔌

Slam challenge 📚📚🔖

Name🤓: Ayebare Oprah Viola

Nickname😎: Opie

Birthday👶🏽: 10/11

Zodiac sign♉: Scorpio

Best friend 🚻KLN😊(three of them😍)

Hobbies😁:Swimming and laughing(😆if it’s a hobby)

Inspiration 🐒: My Mother😻

Status 🙈: Single

I meant HIV status 😂: Negative

memorable moment😌:Vacation with mum👩‍❤‍💋‍👩

Biggest turn on😈: Looking deep into my eyes😂

Biggest turnoff👿: LIES!

Worst pick up line 😩: My love for you is like diarrhea ,i just can’t hold it in🤣

Worst break up line😫: Am not good enough for you🤣

Thick o thin😜: 😬Thick

Slim o fleshy 😋: Fleshy

Briefs or boxers👙:Boxers

Shave or wax😸:Wax                    Career plans 🕴: Successful businesswoman

Favorite dish:🍝Fish with whatever it’s served with

Instagram handle📸:oprah4.viola

Smile Jesus loves you


SLAM 101


We are the plug 

Slam challenge 

Name: Nubaha benjamin

Nickname: Benji

Birthday : 15/11/199

Zodiac sign: capricon

Best friend : Kwezi

Hobbies: gym’ng , Eating

Inspiration :none of that sh*t

Status: I don’t know ask me

I meant HIV status:  ain’t sure haven’t checked yet

memorable moment : my first joint

Biggest turn on:  loading……

Biggest turnoff:  none 

Worst pick up line:  ….yoo hot like the sun

Worst break up line:it’s not you it’s me

Thick o thin: thick 

Slim o fleshy .. :Weird 

Briefs or boxers:  what u think…

Shave or wax: woti…

Career plans:  lawyer thou hehe dnt trust

Favorite dish: lots actually .fries, anha others loading ….

Instagram handle: @nubahabenjamin

Racks on Racks 1/2



With just hours to the fiesta event at exactly 5:00pm a long disturbing message made rounds on whatsapp from the fiesta management / 256 teen magazine, they issued a serious statement concerning the change in location of the event which was supposed to be held at kati kati grounds on the 13th but has been shifted to Kampala parents pitch area and this time 256 has an excuse which seems to be KCCA public health department which called for the change of the venue because of the presence of a hospital in the kati kati vicinity but this is not at any short notice because in 2014 MunGs sala pressure concert was held off because of the same issue, the question posed right now is should we blame the management of fiesta for being vagrant  because even in the near and far past it has been infested with inconsistency as shown in the previous article The long awaited picnic party. if the oxford dictionary was looking for an alternate definition of change then fiesta event would be the best alternative because it has gravely defined what change is. This abrupt change however might affect the turn up of the event because of the presence of another event which is buzz teens awards and the grave fact that some people might not be aware of the change in the venue of the event

Rumor has hence forth circulated as it always has about the possibility of a flop at the fiesta event slated for tomorrow however this contradicts with the thoughts of the organizers who I happen to have spoken to that are very much strong hearted and positive about the success of the event and their faith has not been belittled by any of these rumors

As I promised to bring all the detail from fiesta stay tuned as we go for this picnic be there or be square just like they say as we hope for the best.


Life is such a frantic baffle affiliated with lots of things,

I lead a life so short and yet so long

So tender and yet so rough

Too smart and yet too shabby

Too good and yet too bad

So simple and yet so complex

I roll with Gs too real and yet too false

Too close and yet too distant

Too intelligent and yet too dumb

Too fragile and yet too unbreakable

Too humble and yet too stubborn

Too rich and yet too poor

I masticate food too sweet and yet too sour

Too much and yet too little

Too ripe and yet too raw

I flirt with girls too pretty and yet too ugly

Such romantics and yet boring

Too thick and yet too thin

Too healthy and yet too sick

So hot and yet so cold

Too soft and yet too hard

But I trust in a GOD too real and yet so true

Too promising and yet too accomplishing

So worthy and yet so mighty

Too available and yet always available

Too merciful and yet so forgivin