The ball was rolling the clock was ticking, the birds were flying in and the Gs were rolling in it was exactly 12; 00pm when masses flooded the venue at Kampala parents pitch area. The long awaited picnic party was finally happening as some people were seen coming in with mats and lesus so as to embrace the occasion, despite the fact that the event was faced with various setbacks, it was however a success for the parties on the organization committee and the flocks that flooded the  green grass for the picnic. Lots of performances from Face of black, Dehaan, dancers and the rock band etc, activities like rap battles dance battles and photo both did not miss out on the agenda.

However having talked to one of the 256 speakers a lot was expected from them and one of the things expected was an issue of the 256 teen magazine. besides that there are claims that 256 has released a number of issues in the past which I think have not reached the market yet, that I presume but due to the set backs, the “256 teen magazine” wasn’t launched officially on the 13th may 2017, I think we await another event where that will happen.

The main question of the day remains that what happens after fiesta will 256 teen magazine go back into hibernation, will it flee the scene after having an average event that did not see the success they expected. Well all I can say   if it ever wanted a spring board for success, in the shadows wouldn’t be were the magazine should be but it should pick a trail of consistency may be then we shall have put a stop to the boring buzz magazine we have seen for centuries and those nasty crowded events filled with bandits and kifessi operatives.

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