With the events at Katochi the drama was more fascinating than the poetry that had driven quite a handful of people that made their way to the national theater to witness the old forgotten tell of poetry such roses are red violets are blue, only to be presented to with a lot of work in progress from fraudulently poetic infidels and juniors that need just about more than schooling in what they presumed they were doing. In the skit “who is to blame” that did the curtain raising it was rather captivating enough and made the audience lose a little bit of age and stay younger with the good time laughter.

However the first session that kept every one captivated and attentive was succeeded with the absurd second session which was the gist of the event and yet was missed, the entire audience in the cozy seats turned to their phones and soon what’sapp and other social media platforms took the audience into confinement the formally dark auditorium was then filled with glitters of light from the many gadgets formally known as smart phones, and those without them were carried away in the hands of amorphous because of the heard and yet boring silence that was soothingly slinky enough to rock these baby heads to slumber . I don’t want to think that the poetry was boring I actually want to say they were not ready for what they were going into.

More so in this skit I learned that may be women do not need any more women emancipation with reasons being that one of these Belinda girls in the skit suggested that the only way her message was going to be delivered was through nudity or vulgarizing just so she can captivate her audience if we have the young generation looking forward to undressing as a way of communicating then this is not something anyone should be in support of. Women have been spoon fade quiet a lot and they have not learned to fight or archive through sweat and nudity and vulgarizing seems to be what is about or even yet to bail them out.

Lastly I do appreciate the poets that expressed their love for poetry on that podium that day that was very good you however you got a lot of polishing to do. A wise man once said, someone that walks you through the dark is your enemy someone that tells you how to walk through the dark is your friend.


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