kenzuri fashion house

Meet Uringtho Godwin an all round African urban fashionista better known as Black Jesus and based with the common threat, “fear the beard” after a lengthy chat with the proprietor of  kenzuri, see what he has to say about Kenzurihouse of design and its origin.

I loved art since I was in primary and i have pursued art till my University.  I graduated Continue reading “KENZURI THE ULTIMATE URBAN AFRICAN FASHION HOUSE.”




Slam challenge 



Birthday:17 October

Zodiac sign:Libra

Best friend:🤗

Hobbies:writing and listening to music,bad dancing, playing video games and “phone games”

Inspiration:Everyone who made it especially my Dad


Memorable moment:Being born😂

Biggest turn on:Shoegame

Biggest turn off:Untidiness

Worst pick up line:I like your smile/eyes🙄

Worst break up line:🤷🏾‍♀🤷🏾‍♀

Thick o thin:Wt…. Thick i guess

Slim or fleshy: i like my meat fleshy🍗

Briefs or boxers:Briefs

Shave or wax:Shave

Career plans: Rich….😌 engineer👷🏿‍♀

Favourite dish:Sweet potatoes and ground nuts😌

Instagram handle: *@naheed_isdeeha



One eye game

The poison in the soda we take

As you swag with your coca cola bottle busy sipping and sipping poison I think you should know this

So I have been mentally disturbed by this Intel the famous soda company coca cola produces soda with the following ingredients carcinogens (a food color) and benzoic acid which can be poisonous when mixed with ascorbic acid aka vitamin c these tastes were carried out by the food association in United kingdom and the soda belonging to a Nigerian business man Dr Emmanuel Fijabi Adebo was confiscated when the Nigerian bottling company NBC was taken to court according to NBC said that the poisonous soda is for Nigerians not for export this level of arrogance could be evidence that the coca cola company is enjoying a lot of monopoly on the market which has to be checked 

PS this is not propaganda

SLAM 101


We are the plug 🔌 

Slam challenge 📚📚🔖

Name:🤓 Snella Sabrina

Nickname: blackgold

Birthday👶:​​​ 04/June/199_

Zodiac sign♉: Gemini ♊

Best friend: have none😐

Hobbies: dancing and jazzing

Inspiration : my family

Status 🙈: not sure

I meant HIV status 😂: of course negative

memorable moment😌: first kiss 💋

Biggest turn on😈: abs and a nice body💪

Biggest turnoff👿: sagging pants

Worst pick up line 😩: did it hurt….blah blah

Worst break up line😫: you deserve better 😏

Thick o thin : thick

Slim o fleshy 😋: fleshy

Briefs orboxers : briefs

Shave or wax😸:  shave

Careerplans : successful banker

Favorite dish :🍝  spaghetti and chicken 🍗

Instagram handle📸:Snella