SLAM 101


We are the plug 🔌 

Slam challenge 📚📚🔖

Name:🤓 Snella Sabrina

Nickname: blackgold

Birthday👶:​​​ 04/June/199_

Zodiac sign♉: Gemini ♊

Best friend: have none😐

Hobbies: dancing and jazzing

Inspiration : my family

Status 🙈: not sure

I meant HIV status 😂: of course negative

memorable moment😌: first kiss 💋

Biggest turn on😈: abs and a nice body💪

Biggest turnoff👿: sagging pants

Worst pick up line 😩: did it hurt….blah blah

Worst break up line😫: you deserve better 😏

Thick o thin : thick

Slim o fleshy 😋: fleshy

Briefs orboxers : briefs

Shave or wax😸:  shave

Careerplans : successful banker

Favorite dish :🍝  spaghetti and chicken 🍗

Instagram handle📸:Snella



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