Slam challenge 



Birthday:17 October

Zodiac sign:Libra

Best friend:🤗

Hobbies:writing and listening to music,bad dancing, playing video games and “phone games”

Inspiration:Everyone who made it especially my Dad


Memorable moment:Being born😂

Biggest turn on:Shoegame

Biggest turn off:Untidiness

Worst pick up line:I like your smile/eyes🙄

Worst break up line:🤷🏾‍♀🤷🏾‍♀

Thick o thin:Wt…. Thick i guess

Slim or fleshy: i like my meat fleshy🍗

Briefs or boxers:Briefs

Shave or wax:Shave

Career plans: Rich….😌 engineer👷🏿‍♀

Favourite dish:Sweet potatoes and ground nuts😌

Instagram handle: *@naheed_isdeeha



One eye game

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