Meet Uringtho Godwin an all round African urban fashionista better known as Black Jesus and based with the common threat, “fear the beard” after a lengthy chat with the proprietor of  kenzuri, see what he has to say about Kenzurihouse of design and its origin.

I loved art since I was in primary and i have pursued art till my University.  I graduated in bachelor of Industrial Art and Design. I was inspired by the West African fashion which I fell in love with. It’s fascinating how they have embraced the African fashion tradition with our own African fabric this was a springboard for my innovation.

Apparently there are several fashion houses but most of them are embracing the foreign fashion style, of which I embrace both foreign and African fashion and blend them together to come up unique and outstanding style of fashion. Perhaps one can say that kenzuri adds flavor to our African fashion.

Initially kenzuri was Urigthohouse of design, the reason why I changed the name I noticed it was a challenge for everyone to pronounce the name and decided to Use Kenzuri, because it sounds traditional and African My biggest inspiration is embracing our African made fabric with beautiful patterns and nature.  In the near future, I see Kenzuri as a well know African fashion house not just in Uganda but the rest of Africa and out of Africa


For all those that should get the must get clothing’s from kenzuri house of design reachout at  kenzuri fashionhouse facebook page  and website @kenzuri fshion house website  , located at hotel Africana kampala uganda


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