So it will be noted that the gradual fall of MTN was sparked off  by the many unending messages that were constantly sent to MTN subscribers about the Jumia food advertisements.

Then came the mbs / data or call it social pack complaint, especially about the swift social pack bundle that was increased to 250shs for 10mbs , this had tones of people attack MTN using social media platforms and among all on their facebook page where various people expressed their dissatisfaction through posts and comments.

Many people are now threatening to change to other networks among these include africell which they claim  is the king of  bundles.

The question still stands will this be the end of  MTN or is this the Africell revolution.

However MTN has made quick adjustments of their daily monthly and yearly data packages but the masses seem not to be buying the act which has been termed a desperate move by the MTN officials.

Below are some we screen shots we managed to get our hands on. PS these are just the tip of the iceberg

Keep plugged as we bring you raw Intel.


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