Life is such a frantic baffle affiliated with lots of things,

I lead a life so short and yet so long

So tender and yet so rough

Too smart and yet too shabby

Too good and yet too bad

So simple and yet so complex

I roll with Gs too real and yet too false

Too close and yet too distant

Too intelligent and yet too dumb

Too fragile and yet too unbreakable

Too humble and yet too stubborn

Too rich and yet too poor

I masticate food too sweet and yet too sour

Too much and yet too little

Too ripe and yet too raw

I flirt with girls too pretty and yet too ugly

Such romantics and yet boring

Too thick and yet too thin

Too healthy and yet too sick

So hot and yet so cold

Too soft and yet too hard

But I trust in a GOD too real and yet so true

Too promising and yet too accomplishing

So worthy and yet so mighty

Too available and yet always available

Too merciful and yet so forgivin


The Ailling Man

As desperate as the waters Of the sea

As torn as the winds of the storm

The people of this nation wail toil and coil in sorrow

Waiting, wondering what karma will bring them tomorrow

The sun raise storms their heads,

 And plays tricks with their shadows

 Life has done not a thing,

But given them a thrill of tremor

Being successful seems to be every ones

Dream but a Rolex or kikomando for super or lunch is their reality

Handles placed in their ways as though mtn Kilimanjaro

In their midst the sun rises to quarrels and fights

and sets to depression and digression

Laborers head strain for their pension

only to be left in frustration

Surviving has become the mission

 Characterized with evil decisions

From the lord they have turned

To the devil they have followed

 Desperate has become the new reality

And what’s left of the nation is unspoken misery

Forgotten souls linger the streets for daily bread

And emptiness comes in handy

Ohh save the ailing man