I see Humans but not Humanity

To start with humanity is a virtue associated with basic ethics of altruism. People are compassionate carrying sympathetic but all at a cost and if any one disagrees with me I would like them to count the number of times that they  mention of the word sorry when they do actually mean it, or the number of times you have mentioned RIP and you really mean it or those that write apology letters and the apology is only shown on paper yet they are not apologetic at all  and if you have consciously looked at that you would realize that the world has become more of a materialistic arena whereby everyone has a special attachment to a worldly something be it a job a gadget a hobby  a food type a political or social career name it. Humane harts have been filled with anxiety and short lived happiness for and about all that glitters that isn’t gold and trust me on this I’m not wrong if I assert that humanity has not died out of humans but humans have died out of humanity literally  speaking because disguise has taken up the basic ethics of altruism within the humans here the aspects of humanity have been shown but altered in within ones conscience this has put them in cross roads with vanity and made them loose sanity because there is not even one thing people cannot do so that they can have their attachments attached to them people tend to become extremists and radical to archive their earthly pleasures and this can give us an answer to what could be the cause of propelling and escalating crime rate in all over the world which would be inhuman humans and will require restoring humans to humanity and not humanity to humans simply because the virtues of humanity have been maintained but altered in ones conscience